Residency Program

Residency Program Description

Our three-year Family Medicine Residency at JM/UM in Miami, Florida offers:

  • A comprehensive education emphasizing the management and treatment of common problems encountered by family physicians
  • An emphasis on treating the whole patient and his or her family on an ongoing basis
  • A supportive environment with a well-rounded faculty
  • Our Jackson Memorial Family Medicine Residency trains physicians in the care of all people and their families
  • Our program focuses on the increasingly complex biomedical skills needed by family physicians, with comprehensive attention to the many psychological, social, and systems issues that affect health, illness, and healing.
  • Our multidisciplinary faculty includes physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and other ancillary staff. The program curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive.
  • Residents graduate proficient in a full range of office procedures, office counseling, emergency care, common inpatient and outpatient medical problems, and surgical and obstetric skills.
  • Our faculty is accessible, supportive, and possesses a large variety of special interests, including: health policy, care of older patients, cross-cultural issues, women’s health, surgical obstetrics, community medicine, integrative medicine, global health, and preventive medicine.
  • Our program is committed to the integration of biopsychosocial principles into daily practice.
  • We are proud of our dedication to the underserved, and are interested in residents who aim to develop skills in cultural competency and underserved medicine as an integral component of their career development.

Family Medicine Curriculum