Residency Program

Family Medicine Clinic

Jefferson Reaves, clinical home to our Family Medicine Residency Program, is located in the historic Overtown community of Miami, between downtown and the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital Medical Center — less than five minutes away from our medical center. Our cultural diversity is matched by our socio-economic diversity, and our residents learn to work with patients from a variety of educational, cultural and financial backgrounds, enabling them to care for a variety of patient populations on graduation. Our family medicine practice provides care and treatment in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Creole.

Our clinic provides an opportunity for residents to gain experience with patients in a continuity clinic setting while rotating through many different specialty rotations during our 3-year residency program. One of the many benefits of our family medicine practice is that residents are able to treat patients in our clinic and continue care if that patient is admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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