Predoctoral Program

Program Details


University of Miami medical students are required to complete a four-week Family Medicine Clerkship in their junior year. Our junior students spends four full days with an office-based community preceptor and one full day per week in varied didactic sessions. Our didactic sessions have been designed in an 8-week format that will continue through the Generalist Primary Care (GPC) Clerkship. Sessions take the form of clinically relevant seminars with small groups and case-based discussions to augment our students’ clinical experiences. The classroom sessions are varied and include:

  • Women’s Health
  • Cultural Awareness
  • HIV in Primary Care
  • Common Mental Health Problems


Our department also offers dynamic opportunities for senior students to sample the variety and excitement that characterizes a career in family practice in the Senior Electives Program. Students may spend two to four weeks in any of the following clinical rotations:

  • Family Medicine In-Patient/Hospital Wards Elective
  • Family Medicine Community Preceptorship Elective Rural Family Elective in the Florida Keys (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Students Only; prior approval required)
  • Research projects in Family Medicine and Community Health

Family Medicine In-Patient Wards

Our overall goal for the students taking Inpatient Family Medicine (Ward Family Medicine) is to afford them the opportunity to experience Family Medicine in an inpatient setting, and to develop some knowledge of the specialty.

Subinterns are assigned to our Family Medicine Wards at Jackson Memorial Hospital for four weeks and assume primary responsibility for patient care under close supervision provided by an assigned attending hospitalist.

Subinterns will attend grand rounds and specialty conferences. They participate in daily clinical activities such as morning reports, handoffs, and multi-disciplinary rounds. The goals of our Family Medicine Wards are:

  • To provide a clinical learning experience in family medicine in the hospital setting.
  • To enable students to learn some of the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques appropriate to Family Medicine.
  • To enable students to observe the team approach to care of the hospitalized patient.
  • To enable students to view patients treatment and post-hospitalization care in the context of their families and community.

Family Medicine Interest Group

Our Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is an active University of Miami student-run organization. It is one of two organizations that are funded by the State and National levels at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

FMIG provides an organized mechanism for students’ input into the State and National American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) policymaking process. This group helps acquaint people with family medicine/practice and the opportunities available in this field. Students can aspire to several appointed and elected positions within FMIG.

We are actively involved in Strolling Through the Match process to assisting students in residency searches. Interactive meetings are scheduled year-round and panels of physicians to inform and encourage students to learn about this primary care field. We participate in the primary care week activities, organize events such as residency fairs and career days to provide guidance and facilitate interactions among students, residents, and residency directors from across Florida. We also inform students about clinical research opportunities available and encourage participation via grants/funds.

FMIG encourages active learning and promotes the specialty of family practice. Our group not only facilitates student interaction with students at other medical schools, but also helps them develop leadership skills and national contacts.